SAINT HONORÉ Eiffel Tower Lady timepiece – A piece of history on your wrist

The Tour Eiffel_Saint Honore1Unveiled recently in a mens version to mark the 130th anniversary of watchmaker SAINT HONORÉ, the TOUR EIFFEL watch is now available in a smaller size, for women.


Once again, the bezel has been hewn from a metal part of the famous Parisian monument, making this mechanical watch a unique collectors piece. It gives women the opportunity to wear a symbol of France and Gustave Eiffel’s technological genius on their wrists.


Built in 1889 to celebrate the Paris Universal Exposition as well as the centenary of the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower dominates the capital, standing 324 metres tall.

The most iconic edifice of Paris attracts some seven million visitors every year, all captivated by its beauty and technical brilliance: the 2,500,000 rivets, 20,000 gleaming bulbs and 18,000 pieces of metal structure create an incomparable silhouette.


Nicknamed the “la Dame de Fer” (“Iron Lady”), “la Grande Dame” or “la Dame de Paris”, the Eiffel Tower is a majestic presence on the new women’s watch from SAINT HONORÉ, powered by an automatic calibre. Not only has a fragment of one of its metal girders served to craft the bezel, its pale brown colour and characteristic lattice structure serve as motifs on various parts of the watch such as the dial and crown, the oscillating weight in the movement and the strap clasp.


Elegant and different, this limited edition of 500 pieces, among the 1,885 pieces in the range, marry geometric shapes and curves in reference to its historical provenance and the glamorous spirit of the age. Pairing a sparkling polished steel case with an immaculate white leather strap, or a warm rose gold case on a brown leather strap, the new TOUR EIFFEL LADY watch was born to appeal to devotees of fine mechanisms.


The watchmaker also offers a version with an “Eclair effect TM” dial. This SAINT HONORÉ innovation reproduces the sparkle of diamond paving. What a splendid way to reflect the evening shimmer of the Iron Lady of France.


The TOUR EIFFEL watch from SAINT HONORÉ: a piece of history on your wrist.




The Tour EiffelLady Timepiece, technical details:


-      38 mm steel case (or rose gold plated, 18 K)

-           Bezel carved from a piece of the Eiffel Tower decorated with decor “croisillons”

-           White dial or “Éclair Effect TM” dial

-      Silver open dial echoing the architecture of the Eiffel Tower

-      Sellita SW 200 automatic movement

-      Personalised oscillating weight and crown

-      Date

-      Sapphire glass

-      Water resistant to 50 m

-           White or brown “croco design” leather strap with an “Eiffel Tower” pin buckle

-      Limited edition of 500 pieces, among the 1,885 pieces in the range

-      Collector’s case

-      Certificate of authenticity signed by the Eiffel Tower Committee (SETE)



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